Josh Moore

CNHT – The MicroInterviews: Josh Moore

Yep, you’ll get three bites at the “Josh Moore apple” from the CNHT picnic.  Here is a quick interview from last Saturday from this former two time State Rep and now the founder of The Patriot Initiative: Oh, and a Grokster, too!

603 Summit: Josh Moore of The Patriot Initiative

“We have lost our culture…our students don’t know what their own gender is, we’ve been aborting our babies and murdering them for decades, we’ve lost sight of God and family values, our Natural Rights are under attack, inalienable Rights are not understood any longer, our Constitution and Declaration of Independence are under assault”. And that’s …

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Josh Moore: The Culture War

It has been my honor to serve as State Representative of the beautiful town of Merrimack for the last four years. During that time I served on the house education committee. I fought for the rights of parents in education, choice for all children, and for the teaching of civics to be a priority in …

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Does The State Own Your Children?

Rep. Josh Moore joins the program to discuss State Ed Empress Virgina Barry’s decree that no one shall opt out of any testing in her domain. They talk parents rights, the decline toward the socialist state, and the winner of the WTF of the week.    

GrokTALK! February 28th, 2015

This week I call into the show from CPAC as Skip and Mike take the reins along with guests Jorge Mesa-Tejada (On education), Rep. Max Abramson (on Criminal justice and defining lethal and non-lethal force–among other issues), and Rep. Josh Moore on who owns the children  – parents or educators.