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SO, NH House Democrat Leadership – ‘splain how this is “Bipartisan”?


This is why I keep saying to NOT listen to what politicians SAY but to WATCH what they do.  From the Party that screams “but Bipartisanship” from the rafters when they’re not in power, here is their stance now that they have the power:

For Immediate Release
June 11th, 2019
Contact: 603-271-3665

House Republicans React to House Requesting Committee of Conference on Budget Bills

CONCORD – House Republican Leader Dick Hinch (R-Merrimack) issued a statement after reviewing the online bill dockets for HB1 and HB2, bills relating to the state budget, which show that the House had non-concurred and requested a committee of conference, and that zero Republicans were appointed to the conference committees.

“We hear a lot about bipartisanship in the State House, and it is unfortunate that Democrats in the House have chosen to exclude Republicans and the people they represent from the committee of conference process on the budget. During each of the last two budget processes in the House under Republican majorities, we extended an opportunity to the minority party, and they had a seat at the table, even if they don’t end up supporting the final product. This time, with Democrats in control, Republicans appear to not even have a member as an alternate, and are excluded from the conference committee entirely,” Hinch said. “It’s sad that we had to discover this online, and we did not have the courtesy of an email or meeting to discuss their reasoning. It is also disappointing they chose to move forward on this while the House is in recess, rather than let members vote on the motion. To me, this demonstrates they have no interest in getting any Republican votes or input on the committee of conference report.”

And you should be surprised, Dick and other Republicans?  You try to be nice – they want the Power.  You want to be seen as gentlemen and women – they just sneered at you and kept rolling past.  Again, Marquess of Queensbury rules vs MMA – you’ll lose every time.  The Democrats are setting the rules – you should remember this because, at some point, the pendulum will swing back.  Then play by their rules – and I will tell you that as much as they hate the “Taxation is Theft”, they’ll hate having you rule by Their Rules even more.  You may dislike it as well, but hey, its part of running for election and then realizing that mores have been by your opponents who perceive you as Evil personified even if they are polite in person.

This should be surprising?  That it is is surprising in itself.


In 2015, Rep. Wallner (D-Concord) was appointed as a member of the committees of conference on HB1 and HB2, with Reps. Eaton (D-Stoddard) and Leishman (D-Peterborough) as alternates.

In 2017, Rep. Wallner (D-Concord) was appointed as a member of the committees of conference on HB517 and HB144, with Reps. Eaton (D-Stoddard) and Leishman (D-Peterborough), Almy (D-Lebanon), and Rosenwald (D-Nashua) as alternates.

None of these Democrat conferees or alternates had supported the House version of the budget bills in prior votes on the House.

So learn this – the days of nice are over until the Dems decide to be nice WHEN THEY ARE IN POWER.  When they aren’t, remember to treat them as you have just been treated.  Sure, it is tit-for-tat behavior but sometimes, that’s what’s needed to get their attention.  They’ve done this without provocation – you now have yours via their Actions.

Are you going to fight?