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Russian Contact in Mueller Collusion Narrative Worked for Clinton State Department


The Left-Wing partisan opinion piece circulation under the name ‘The Mueller Report‘ continues to suffer under scrutiny. Exculpatory words edited out of transcripts. And now this. A “Russian” framed as another shady potential Trump campaign contact was an asset of the Clinton State Department.


In a key finding of the Mueller reportUkrainian businessman Konstantin Kilimnik, who worked for Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, is tied to Russian intelligence.

But hundreds of pages of government documents — which special counsel Robert Mueller possessed since 2018 — describe Kilimnik as a “sensitive” intelligence source for the U.S. State Department who informed on Ukrainian and Russian matters.

Kilimnik was not a Russian asset but a highly placed and well-regarded Clinton State Department Asset. Mueller knew this and yet chose to portray his connections to Manafort as suspicious to impugn candidate and then President Trump.

This latest truth bomb piles on to previous revelations that the “Russians” in the Don Jr. Trump Tower meeting (Natalia V. Veselnitskaya and Rinat Akhmetshin) were both either employed by Fusion GPS or had connections to the Clintons. Fusion GPS was paid by the Clinton Campaign to peddle the Democrat party opposition research labeled ‘The Steele Dossier.’

So, Kilimnik appears to be yet another Clinton-connected resource deployed to justify a Democrat Administration spying on an opposing political campaign.

Three sources with direct knowledge of the inner workings of Mueller’s office confirmed to me that the special prosecutor’s team had all of the FBI interviews with State officials, as well as Kilimnik’s intelligence reports to the U.S. Embassy, well before they portrayed him as a Russian sympathizer tied to Moscow intelligence or charged Kilimnik with participating with Manafort in a scheme to obstruct the Russia investigation.

The only reason to misrepresent the relationship in the “official” report would be to perpetuate the deception for which the Special Counsel was assigned. An institutional effort to hide the abuse of the surveillance state and illegal spying on opponents for political advantage. And, if possible, take out a sitting US president.

The Mueller Report is nothing more than an editorial piece transcribed from left-wing talking points and an investigation whose sole purpose is to hide the truth and keep a false narrative alive in the press.

Nothing in it can be taken as proof of anything but that Mueller and his team are shills and the left is committed to using the police state to punish those who refuse to get in line.

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