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NH House Democrats Vote to Punish Low and Unskilled Workers


In the free market need, experience, employee availability, number of “qualified” potential applicants, and the job itself (among other factors) define what an hour of labor in any given occupation is worth. Employees and employers are free to negotiate that. But the Democrat lead NH House knows better.

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They voted to approve an arbitrary minimum wage schedule for the Granite State. Because they think you’re all too damn stupid or greedy to work this out on your own.

The House on Wednesday passed Senate Bill 10, increasing the minimum wage, currently at the federal minimum of $7.25 an hour, to $10 in 2021 and $12 in 2022, but amended the bill to remove an exemption for employers offering at least 10 paid sick days per year.

The bill passed the House along party lines, 209-139, with only three Republican votes. It will now go back to the Senate, which can either concur with the House changes or ask for a committee of conference in the hope of working out a compromise.

A tactic that, everywhere else it has been tried, harms the people its advocates claim they want to help. The Josiah Bartlett Center has also provided some excellent New Hampshire data on this as well. So, given all the facts available, why do it?

Democrats must want to harm job creators, low income, and unskilled workers. It must be their mission to drive up costs for products and services while compromising service and quality. To keep growth and opportunity out of New Hampshire. There’s no other sensible explanation. Actually, there is another possibility.

When you use government force to define a higher minimum wage, unions use that to adjust their worker’s rates upward in new contracts. Higher union wages typically translate into a rise in the cost of dues collected by the Union bosses. That money then funds activism, in-kind support for Democrats and their issues, and actual cash campaign contributions.

So, do Democrats hate job creators and low and unskilled workers or are they using legislative force to launder money into campaign support? It is entirely possible that both are true.

I can tell you that they are not doing this “for the workers.” Workers are the ones hit hardest.

Let’s hope governor Sununu vetoes this scam and the House Republicans sustain their opposition – making an override of that veto impossible.