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As NH Democrats Push for Higher Minimum Wage New Data Confirms We’ll Lose Jobs and Hours


As New Hampshire Democrats push for a ridiculously high state minimum wage we’ve got more bad news. And it is not new news. New data proves the old data. Where minimum wages have been arbitrarily hiked prices rise. Workers get fewer hours. New jobs never materialize, and old jobs disappear.

Josiah Bartlett: Five Facts About the Minimum Wage 

According to the survey by Harri, a company that provides workplace management software for the hospitality industry (including, of course, restaurants), 64 percent of restaurants say that they’ve reduced employee hours and 43 percent say they’ve eliminated jobs since higher minimum wage laws went into effect in their states.

Low skilled and low-income workers are hit hardest. All based on a policy that advocates insist will help these people. But it never does.

How about ‘We Told You So?’

We’ve got over 300 articles on GraniteGrok that have something to do with the minimum wage. Most of them point out the obvious. An arbitrary decision about the value of labor has real-world consequences and they are all bad. You erase entry-level positions. Young and unskilled workers become unemployable. Small businesses get smaller or cease to exist.

This same report estimates that more than half of the job losses would be in small businesses. I am extremely concerned that a dramatic and geographically disproportionate increase in our minimum wage will negatively impact our competitiveness and harm our state’s economy.”

Minimum wage advocates, mostly Democrats, abuse emotional pleas to support policies that hurt the people to whom they are appealing. Everywhere they are tried. And they keep doing it. It’s a bait and switch. The few that get to keep their jobs work less while prices rise.

But a higher minimum wage often pushes hourly union rates up even if they are already above 12 -15.00/hour. That allows Union bosses to charge higher dues. Union’s take in more money which they then launder into in-kind activism or actual donations to Democrats.

Small business owners and new workers get screwed out of jobs and sometimes out of business. But Democrats don’t care if they can enrich unions and by extensions themselves.

It’s disgusting.

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