Choice Versus Force - Granite Grok

Choice Versus Force


Herbert Spencer describes the difference in “political parties” circa 1850 in a manner wholly appropriate to our circumstances today. Exactly, in fact. On the one side, compulsory cooperation and on the other, voluntary association.

The typical structure of the one we see in an army formed of conscripts, in which the units in their several grades have to fulfill commands under pain of death, and receive food, clothing, and pay, arbitrarily apportioned; while the typical structure of the other we see in a body of producers or distributors, who severally agree to specified payments in return for specified services and may at will, after due notice, leave the organization if they do not like it.

The Democrats of 2019 see your work as their spoils, money the state is entitled to before the individual or organization that earned it. In return for that confiscation (taxation is theft), you accept under pain of law to follow their increasingly intrusive regulatory state.

What a great deal, right?

Opposite this are the Republicans, who voted to return some of the spoils of your labor to you so that you might freely engage in arrangements with others who were likewise free to join or not in the business, commerce, or to expend such monies as you see fit.

Republicans are far from perfect (as are we all) but can we agree that Republicans (at least) have more faith in you than Democrats? They trust you to make agreements, earn a living, and spend those earning to the best possible ends of yourself, your family, or your business.

Democrats don’t trust you to spend your own money. And they certainly don’t trust you to own firearms. Not because you are incapable of defending yourself. In fact, you are very capable. So, much so, that if they don’t disarm you the future they have planned – where they spend your money on their priorities – is impossible. It is a world where you are a soldier in their army formed of conscripts who receive almost everything with their permission. A “gift” arbitrarily retracted if you fail or refuse to do, say or live as you are told.

Every Election you hear the words and the rhetoric, but it is all noise because at the end of the day you choose one or the other. And only one of them is servitude to an all-powerful state