"Is Fascism Right or Left?" - Granite Grok

“Is Fascism Right or Left?”

Prager U Fascism

Yesterday I put up a “different” Notable Quote listing a few quotes by Benito Mussolini – Il Duce of Italy back in the 1930 and 1940s who aligned himself with Adolph Hitler during WWII as part of the Axis Powers.  I did it because I wanted to show that Fascism is STATE oriented like the Left and not Individual-centric like the Right.

Given Mussolini’s absolute demand that the State must be supreme, I said that Fascism was a creature from the Left (given that a lot of Democrats call me and GraniteGrok fascists all the time; methinks they have NO idea what it really means).

This video from Prager U below goes into it a bit deeper but I think the key line is this:

Individuals willingly subordinate themselves to the State”

We see that today in the Democrat Party, especially given what the Dem Prez Wannabees are preaching and the absolute incoherence of any Democrat trying to distinguish their Party from Socialists (to whom individual assimilation is a given, given that they would control the force inherent in government).

For more, research Hobbes where ONLY Government gives transitory “rights” to people but can just as easily take them back.

So, how can I (and GraniteGrok) be Fascist since we always try to elevate the Individual far above the Collective/The State? Now you know they only wish to disparage, minimize, and discredit you because they have no idea at all – it’s just their mindless lexicon.

So what’s the proper response?  The intelligent one is to simply ask “OK, define it?”  Almost none of them will be able to do that other than to say “YOU! YOU! YOU!”

At that point, the proper response is to ridicule them, coupled with “Once again, a failure to do your homework has just washed across your face.”

They will probably then look at you with a blank face.  So laugh, walk away, and keep laughing.  They will get the message…


After all, using a word without knowing its true meaning isn’t exactly the harbinger of an educated person.