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Don’t Forget to Thank Gov. Sununu For Vetoing the NH Democrat’s Income Tax

Chris Sununu

Before Governor Sununu vetoed the tax-hike, big spending, abortion funding, littered with left-wing priorities budget, he vetoed something else. A new broad-based tax disguised and sold as a necessary social good only the State could provide.

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Family Medical Leave is to tax increases as drivers licenses for illegal aliens is to vote fraud. They get something under cover of something else.

In the case of Family Medical Leave, while Gov. Sununu supports it, he doesn’t envision a tax on income or any convoluted schemes to make it sound like it is something it is not. I happen to disagree with the governor on his plan. I think the state should do nothing unless it can do something to make it easier for employees and job creators to make choices about benefits without the heavy hand of the state. Put another way, get out of the way.

As for the Democrats, they don’t see a way much if anything can work without the state involved and if they can find a way to create a new tax and a bureaucracy to collect it, booyah!

Gov. Sununu ran for office opposing such things, and his veto of the income tax disguised as a health care benefit makes sense.

Did you thank him yet? 

Most of the input will be negative. The left is relentless. Democrats have a machine fed by plenty of out-of-state money whose sole purpose is to bad mouth Republicans and glorify Democrat Socialist prescriptions.

The 603 Alliance wants to remind you that the Left-Lead Legislature in New Hampshire passed an income tax, and Gov. Sununu protected you form that. Take a minute to watch, and then call his office and leave a message, or shoot him an email or a Thanks! on Facebook. And then share the news (and the video) with someone you know.

Most people aren’t aware that New Hampshire Democrats passed an income tax in 2019. Let’s keep our economy strong and let people keep the money they have earned. Help spread the word!

603 Alliance (You can also watch on YouTube)

Image: Girard at Large