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Democrat’s NH Budget – Repeals the Prohibition On Using Tax Dollars to Fund Abortion


New Hampshire Democrats have taken a cue from their Masters in DC. They are cramming things into the budget. Like a repeal on the state’s use of taxpayer dollars for abortion services.

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I guess they got tired saying the money wasn’t fungible

For years, people who object to having their tax dollars spent on killing babies we’re told, they won’t spend it on that. But every dime of the money they spent (claiming it was for something else) freed up other money for abortions. If they have to pay the WiFi or the heating bill and don’t have your money to cover that, then they can’t spend the money saved on snuffing out helpless little lives. Money is fungible. 

There is no separation of cash and death. 

Did New Hampshire’s party of Infanticide get tired of lying (about that)? It is more likely that they wanted to remove a potential legal hitch in their in utero death camp agenda. So, they stuffed a line into the budget. Probably so they didn’t have to subject it to public debate.

This explanatory note on page 189 of HB 2 explains what the bill does:“Repeals a prohibition on the use of state funds for abortion services.”

If passed as written the veil will have been lifted. One less rhetorical hurdle to leap for the left. Any objection you may have to being robbed by the state to finance this grisly practice will not require them to lie. And you’ll have no legal recourse. At least on the funding point.

And any future effort to repeal “the repeal” will provide endless opportunity to smear political opponents while they pretend that ending a life is health care and not an exercise of protectionism for a favored industry that launders millions of those dollars into Democrat politicians political campaigns.

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