NH Democrats Use State Budget to Raise Legal Age to Buy Tobacco in NH to 21

young woman smoking nicotine

I can’t even recall how much garbage the Democrats in the legislature have crammed into the budget – that has nothing to do with a budget. But I guess it wasn’t enough.

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 In budget meetings, the House of Representatives had included an exorbitant tax on Vape. The Senate then in turn wanted to lower the tax to make the state competitive with surrounding states. In turn, the House agreed to a lower tax in exchange for Tobacco 21 legislation.

Translation. Democrats in the House taxed the crap out of technologies greatest achievement in getting people off cigarettes. Democrats in the Senate wanted the tax but thought they should make it regionally neutral. Democrats in the House said, okay but we have to raise the smoking age to twenty-one.

So, much for hearings and testimony.

I’m sure the store owners who will lose all that business on the border are good with it.

While you’re at it why not put Marsy’s Law in the budget too? If I recall, Governor Sununu actually likes that piece of crap.