NH Democrats - lovin' them some Voter Fraud - Granite Grok

NH Democrats – lovin’ them some Voter Fraud


Another update of how little the NH Democrats value the ordinary NH citizens’ vote – not at all.  What else can one say when their very legislation and votes say “Y’all come in; we know you’re going to vote for us!”; how Democrats in the NH House of Representatives voted – through May 8

  • 99% FOR making it easier for out-of-staters to vote in NH. (HB105)
  • 100% FOR making it easier for out-of-staters to vote in NH. (HB106)
  • 94% FOR making voter fraud easier by allowing anyone to vote absentee. (HB611)
  • 97% FOR making it easier for illegal aliens to get a driver’s license. (HB397)

Note: and what do YOU, NH resident, show as ID who you are? Does is say that you are an actual NH Resident?

  • 99% AGAINST ensuring that drivers’ licenses cannot be used by non-citizens to vote. (HB471)

On all of these votes, more than 90% – in most cases 98% – of Republicans voted the other way.

In other words, Democrats want to make YOUR votes irrelevant by importing “the electorate they want, not the native one they have”.

Republicans trust you – the Democrats don’t.