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Nashua BOE Meeting Follow-Up As Promised – Corrections and Additions

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Due to a miscommunication entirely of my own creation, my earlier post about the Nashua BOE meeting was woefully incomplete. Let’s see if we can remedy that.

First, individuals who appeared to speak to the issue for and against JROTC marksmanship practice behind Nashua North got to air their concerns.

It is my understanding that the board suspended the rules to address the marksmanship program. Public comment was given on that JROTC program only. The board president promised that they all the other speakers would have time to speak about other issues, but four hours later that didn’t happen.

This lead to the following statement by Doris Hohensee.

“The most incredible action of the Nashua school board majority last night was shutting down the meeting without letting members of the public speak, who waited FOUR HOURS. Only those speaking on the marksmanship program were allowed to speak.  There were about 40 people speaking on the JROTC program.  The board president promised the others an opportunity to speak later in the meeting, but that never happened.

The board majority shut down the meeting at 11 pm. Those voting to allow public comment were Howard Coffman, Elizabeth Van Twuyver and myself.

The JROTC program at Nashua High North (just approved) is now suspended (by a vote of 7-2) pending whether the program can move off campus to a local gun club.

The board caved to snowflakes.

A motion to amend the ruling and allow the practice at an indoor space with a student resource officer present was voted down.

A nonpublic session was held before the public meeting. Nothing to report there – it was nonpublic.

We also have obtained a list of questions for the BOE concerning the letter issued requesting the resignation of Doris Hohensee.

  • What was the roll call for the board members who approved this press release?
  • When will a record of the communications between board members during the drafting of this press release, including phone calls, texts, and emails be available for the public to review?
  • Was Attorney Bolton involved in drafting this press release or approving it?
  • Why are you charging Doris with a violation of FERPA when she didn’t have access to the student’s confidential records such as social security number, grades, or academic standing and did not release any such information?

If we learn the answers, we’ll share them. Doris responded to the original board letter here.

Finally, we have more information coming out later today. The Board president’s response to the questions above. An impending Right to Know request to the Nasua BOE. And the abuse of Public web space in Nashua for partisan political attacks.

Check back often. This is all coming out.