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John Hickenlooper Comes to New Hampshire to “‘Teach’ Fish How To Swim”

HIckenlooper screen grab

The GraniteState has record low unemployment. Our labor force has swelled to historical highs. It’s an employee’s market with excellent wage and benefits options. We’re the fastest growing economy in New England. So, why is Democrat John Hickenlooper here telling us his plan to rescue and reboot American capitalism?

It’s doing fine without him and not just in New Hampshire. The national news is great as the Trump economy continues to beat expectations.

He might as well have come to teach fish how to swim.

In his first major policy address since announcing his candidacy for president, former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper on Friday came to New Hampshire to lay out an economic plan that he said will “rescue and reboot American capitalism” – but not replace it with a move toward socialism.

If you’re tired of watching grass grow, WMUR has a short report here. CBS4 has the entire thing here.

But why bother?

Does he think he can convince Democrats that their socialist agenda is wrong for New Hampshire and the nation? Where was he in January before the new Democrat majority legislature let loose the Kraken?

Taxes, more taxes, regulations, did I mention taxes, bloated budgets, did I mention regulations, growing the state and taking away rights. A quick look at their political priorities would tell you; these are not the “Democrats you’re looking for.”

Ideas like this plant him in the race for moderate support alongside Delany and (yes) Biden, who sucked all the air out of that room the day he announced even though he’s not a moderate.

He’s Not Actually Running for President

The base, who will pick New Hampshire’s preferred Democrat voice from the crowd, is more aligned with Sanders and the other Democrat socialists. Anything short of that gets fingers in the ears and a chorus of “blah blah blah, I’m not listening!”

Look at NH Reps’ voting records. 95-100% all-in on the progressive agenda. They want the redistributive command and control economy. They’re not even shy about it.

Which leaves Hickenlooper out in…right field, I guess, compared to the majority of potential nominees.

Giving speeches about how to save something Trump and Republicans already saved to a base that hates both isn’t going to win you any points or votes. Unless you’re just running to be the VP nominee – which is what most of these candidates are doing.

And that is probably the point of Hickenlooper ‘major economic address. ‘

When it’s time for the General and you, whoever you are, needs a VP to attract the middle, John’s setting himself up to be the adult in a room full of socialists whose prescription will destroy jobs, wage, and opportunities by design.

Socialism is about power, and they don’t trust you with any which is why you shouldn’t trust them with it at all.

Note: an earlier version of this post reported that it was “an employer’s market.” It should have said “employee’s market.” This has been corrected.