- Granite Grok Is Debra Altschiller the New Hampshire Dems’ Newest ‘Assault Rep?’

Is Debra Altschiller the New Hampshire Dems’ Newest ‘Assault Rep?’

In case you missed it, Representative Debra Altschiller (D-Stratham) was accused of assaulting the Women’s Defense League’s Legislative Director, Susan Olsen after Altschiller’s Red Flag bill was retained by the Criminal Justice Committee rather than being passed out of the committee as Altschiller had expected. Olsen told the story to Skip Murphy. You can watch the video here:


There was follow up from Skip in another video part as well where Olsen tells of the steps she took after being assaulted by Altschiller. You can watch that video here.

Altschiller’s assault was reported by Olsen. You can see the complaint filed below:


The complaint was investigated by New Hampshire State Troopers, as are all complaints related to the state house. The investigating officers decided that a warrant for Altschiller’s arrest was indeed ‘warranted.’

What happened?

A clerk at the Concord Court chose not to sign the warrant for Altschiller’s arrest:

State Troopers do not write an arrest warrant for an elected official just for the hell of it. They actually conduct an investigation and based on the evidence, they then bring forward the warrant, if there is probably cause.

The Troopers interviewed Olsen and they interviewed Altschiller, as well as any witnesses that may have been presented.

Altschiller thought she’d simply get away with assaulting Olsen by yelling some lunacy afterwards, and she has, thanks to that Concord Court clerk, but the fact remains that NH State Troopers investigated and found enough evidence to issue a warrant for Representative Debra Altschiller’s arrest.

This is the second unhinged Democrat Representative who has assaulted Olsen. The first was Katherine Rogers (D-Concord), who pleaded guilty to the assault:

A local Democrat and state representative pleaded guilty this morning to assaulting a political opponent during a state Senate ballot recount in November 2016. State Rep. Katherine Rogers, D-Concord, 61, pleaded guilty to the assault charge as part of a plea deal that would help her avoid jail time as well as a fine so long as she stays out of trouble during the next year and attends anger management classes during the next 90-days.

The irony is these two violent Democrat women are the biggest proponents of gun control in which they seek to disarm women and make it more difficult for women to protect themselves from violent attacks.

Clearly, these Democrats (and those who support their violent behavior) think they are above the law and have no problem abusing elderly women who disagree with their destructive ideology.

Olsen has since filed a Right-to-Know request in which she asks for the full report, including the video footage and still photos.