Hypocrite much? Fine for me but not for thee? - Granite Grok

Hypocrite much? Fine for me but not for thee?

Socialism – where the powerful grow richer. And get “special” considerations. And want special privileges that they then wish to deny others access to.

A few more:

  • Pete gets to badmouth Christians (so much for tolerance)
  • Joe thinks Republicans want to put black into chains
  • Kirsten now wants to tax us in order for us to direct “campaign contributions” to her.
  • Cory wants to tax us to pay others not alive at the time for slavery that happened to others long dead.
  • Julian wants to further monkey with the free marketplace and control from business owners and institute new pay rules (minimum wage)
  • John wants to take Free Speech away
  • Tulsi wants to break up banks
  • Kamala also wants to federalize teacher pay
  • Amy wants to “protect us” with online security (has she seen how bad the Federal Govt is with “online security”?)
  • Wayne wants to take more of our guns rights away.
  • Seth want the Green New Deal and thus a complete Federal take over of everything.
  • Beto just like jumping up on tables and counters where he speaks (heh!)
  • Eric has no problem in nuking (really – use nukes) gun owners that refuse his mandatory confiscations.

And the list goes on…

(H/T: Instapundit)