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Here’s a reminder as to what the Democrats are doing

I have the abridged Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals here.  They worked very well for the Left for a long time – both Hillary and Obama were accolytes  of his methods.  One thing, though, is that they are only tactics (and yes, they work for us on the Right as well). What was the intent, the end game which the tactics were to bring about? Alinsky’s own words:

So, are you a Useful Idiot or a Patriot?  Are you helping to bring those things to fruition (and several may already be at their end games)? Making the American people more and more dependent on government? If not wholesale, then the tiniest slice by slice. Republicans should no longer be saying “we’ll do it, just less bad” and say, instead, “hell no, we’re not gonna allow “bad” to happen at all”!

How many of you Republicans have contributed to the success of each of those Control Points in one way or another? How many of you, for instance, vote for more Control of Healthcare, for more Control of our Education system? How about another one – Control of our Energy?  Each time you vote for Government to take just that next bite of control, you have just played into Saul Alinsky’s plans.  A Fifth Columnist.  I’m betting he’s laughing from Hell right now – look at how many of the Democrat Prez Wannabees are advocating for more and more government take over of those control points.

And I HAVE to point out – how many Republicans act, in the “spirit of bipartisanship” as Useful idiots by concentrating on the small ball in the moment and never realizing how they are advancing the long game of those that wish to Control.  How many refuse to change their view of “this is just politics” even as the Democrat play to “this is war by other means”?

But if Republicans, like those 8 in the US House that voted for the Equality Act (which will effectively eliminate womens’ rights and destroy religious freedom for the sake of a Progressive morality that further removes the notion of the Individual and substitutes only The State) today with all of the Democrats, continue to either save their seats or seek appeasement, well, they are the Useful Idiots.  We have them here in the State – every single one that for the sake of “fairness” actually advances the Progressive Agenda.

If it continues, we will lose this State and this Country – without ever firing a shot. They will make us a hollowed out country, no more a Republic, and certainly not the vision that the Founders wanted.

A Republic, if you can keep it

-Benjamin Franklin

(H/T: Janet)