Democrat's "Equality Act" Could Force Physicians to 'Do Harm' - Granite Grok

Democrat’s “Equality Act” Could Force Physicians to ‘Do Harm’


HR 5 is sold as an equality act. If by equality you mean suppress or compel speech, sure. How about destroying girls sports by forcing schools to let boys compete against them? Then, yes! Ending religious liberty? Alrighty, then! And now there’s this.

Doctors who are uncomfortable prescribing hormone treatments or doing gender reassignment surgeries could soon potentially be in violation of federal law, warns Dr. Michelle Cretella, a pediatrician and executive director of the American College of Pediatricians. And they’re not the only ones at risk: Parents, too, could find themselves unable to decide on their own child’s medical treatment.

This Daily Signal interview has more details but I’ll sum it up here.

The Law could force doctors to perform surgeries or prescribe medication that is not healthy for patients. Refusing to do harm would violate the law. Patients could sue them the same way the gaystapo targets bakers, florists, and photographers.

Physicians would be compelled to do abortions, hysterectomies, double-mastectomies, and provide chemical treatments without regard to health risks to the patients. Refusing to do so would violate federal law. You’d be guilty of discrimination.

The side-effects of HR5 include the end of Catholic Hospitals.

Doctors and nurses who are uncomfortable with the government mandating procedures might leave the profession and future candidates might choose other careers.

Any health care crisis, real or imagined, becomes exponentially worse under HR5.

And parents? Who among us does not see the legal profession lining up to represent children who have been convinced they have a right to hormone treatments or surgeries to alter their sex?

Does anyone think any of this is a risk worth taking?

Democrats in Congress did, Ann Kuster and Chris Pappas among them.