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Kuster and Pappas Support Law That Would Force Schools to Allow Boys to Compete as Girls


Two of Washington DC’s ambassadors to New Hampshire, Chris Pappas, and Ann Kuster have cosponsored HR5, a bill that would tie the gender spectrum to Federal anti-discrimination law. A change that would “would force public schools to expand female athletic teams to include biological males who identify as transgender girls.”

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Julia Beck, the head of a self-described radical feminist organization, testified against the bill.

The Democrats’ bill would lead to a male invasion of female spaces, including on the athletic field, Beck said in her April 2 testimony. “Men will dominate female sports,” she warned.

Taking Orders from DC or the Other Way Around?

New Hampshire House Democrats recently supported similar legislation at the state level. SB 263 presents challenges to the interpretation of Title IX.

Title IX allows for discrimination based on “sex” as long as each “sex” has access to the same “sports opportunities including funding and facilities.” Cornerstone asks what happens when one or more “genders” on the spectrum demand their Title IX rights? Will schools (taxpayers) be forced to provide funding to meet every demand?

If the Federal government instills the same legislative product at the federal level the question of is now a question of when? It would also erase sex distinctions across the board, all over the nation. Women would be subject to men in what were previously only women-only spaces. A problem we’ve repeatedly pointed out has nothing to do with actual gender dysphoria. It empowers sex offenders at the expense of biological women.

Kuster and Pappas are on-board but is this just another knee-jerk liberal rubber-stamp or do they fully understand the consequences. One of which Florida Republican Matt Gaetz framed in a context even Democrats out to understand.

“If President Trump were to say, ‘I’m am now the first female president,’ who would celebrate that?” Gaetz added.

Not Democrats. But they are indifferent to the damage this resolution will do to girls and girls sports, and they don’t care.

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