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Bradley’s Bipartisan Biomass Bailout 2.0 – Rape Ratepayers or Die

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The Concord Cronyism is reaching new heights as a new effort emerges to use government to force ratepayers to pay more for electricity.

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Dan “I never met a tax hike didn’t like” Feltes and Jeb ‘BiomASS’ Bradley are perturbed that their previous effort to rape ratepayer’s wallets got mired in legal challenges. How dare you challenge our right to make power companies pay double for electricity to prop up the timber industries waste-wood kickback scheme.

Rather than wait for the courts to decide these State Senate Wonder-Twins are combining their confiscatory powers to amend the previous taking with an end around.

Greg Moore from AFP called it.

The new scheme is just a more sophisticated version of the old one. Ratepayers get screwed out of millions and pay higher than necessary prices for electricity forever. Businesses are forced to divert resources away from employees and growth to pay for power.

One narrow sector of the “economy” is propped by up by the government at the expense of all others.

It’s Jeb Bradley’s Planned Parenthood. He’ll do anything to rob everyone else to funnel dollars to his pet cause. 

It needs to stop.

As for Democrats, they already have a Planned Parenthood. Unions. Healthcare. Government. On and on, all propped up at our expense.

That needs to stop too.

But only voters can change that. By electing people who have more trust in you and markets than government and force. And until then, by reaching out to legislators and telling them to knock it off.