UPDATE: We know the name of that Keene State Professor Who Shamed Students... - Granite Grok

UPDATE: We know the name of that Keene State Professor Who Shamed Students…

We were alerted to a Professor at Keene State who felt entitled to shame her students for things that they cannot change: race and sex:

Earlier this week, Keene State College students were given a handout from a Professor in a class about public health. The handout provided was supposed to cover the topic of, “receiving feedback during presentations from employers and professors.” However, rather than using the position of professor to advocate for the success of students in the properly informative and unbiased manner that should be expected in a classroom, documents that have been publicized by Keene State College students reveal that the handout was centered upon demonizing anyone who identifies as white, male, and cis-gendered.

Go look at what scanned in and sent to us. In plain words, discrimination abetted by Political Correctness / Feminist Theory (or is that religion?).  We now know who that was: Dr. Margaret Henning:

“Every day in the classroom is exciting,” says Meg Henning, who appreciates the small class sizes at Keene State and the ability to know and work with her students as individuals, academics, and professionals. She hopes they leave her classes with the ability to think critically, and works to instill in them passion for their work, a sense of commitment, and the skills needed to support positive health.

After all, if you are a white, heterosexual male, EVERY day must be exciting in her class – if you’re a masochist? I bet they’re thinking critically but not quite the way she wishes us to believe (as in “WHY did I subject myself to this?”). Yep, berating people for their identity is certainly going to inculcate a sense of “passion” all right.

And the class was PH485 Health Promotion Practice:

Development of planning, implementation, evaluation, and management skills to effectively deliver health promotion programming. Application of theory to practice, including community-based assessment, risk management, financial planning, quality assurance, marketing, and personnel management. Prerequisites: PH 385. Fall, Spring

Seems to be an academician through and through:

Degrees and Credentials:

    • Harvard School of Public Health, Takemi Fellow, International Health, Boston, MA
    • Oregon State University, Doctor of Philosophy, Health Promotion and Health Behavior, Concentration in International Health, Corvallis, OR
    • Columbia University, Master of Arts, Health and Behavior Studies, New York, NY
    • New England College, Bachelor of Arts, Psychology; Minor in Wellness, Henniker, NH

Professional Interests:
Dr. Henning’s work has examined health conditions, including health disparities, health education, and community interventions, from a cross-cultural perspective. Dr. Henning is interested in global health, and focuses on the problems of mobilizing, allocating, and maintaining limited resources to improve health

Hmm, berating students is promoting health or Wellness? Man (can I still say that, given the context?), if this is an example of her “dark corner in the classroom” idea of Wellness, perhaps others are sharing the same belittling manner.  Perhaps some Republican legislator (the Democrat ones are mostly immersed in all this) untainted by PC might want to take a stroll over their budget contained in the State’s budget.  After all, isn’t it the case that Demcrats are always saying that there should be no discrimination?  There you go, folks, go root these hostile work environments that taunt our students!

Her contact information is:

Joslin House 211 • M/S 2903

College is supposed to be a time of wide discussion on a variety of topics and issues – not the equivalent of a BDSM session