NH Federation of College Republicans: Keene State Professor Shames Students For Race and Gender


For Immediate Release: Apr 18, 2019
Press Contact: Kaylyn Marcotte, comsdirector@nhfcr.gop, 774-946-7336

Keene State Professor Shames Students For Race and Gender

KEENE, NH – Earlier this week, Keene State College students were given a handout from a Professor in a class about public health. The handout provided was supposed to cover the topic of, “receiving feedback during presentations from employers and professors.” However, rather than using the position of professor to advocate for the success of students in the properly informative and unbiased manner that should be expected in a classroom, documents that have been publicized by Keene State College students reveal that the handout was centered upon demonizing anyone who identifies as white, male, and cis-gendered.

Several statements in the documents are riddled with sexism and malicious intent such as, “I originally wrote this guide as a white woman who was preparing to  join women of color to give feedback to some of our dearest male comrades about how patriarchy was showing up in our shared political process,” which condescends towards men through patronizing vocabulary and word choice. The document continues to shame students and men as exhibited by the quotes, “we internalize superiority so deeply it can be hard for us to see,” and, “as a white person, I can never fully unlearn white supremacy.”

Kaylyn Marcotte, Chair of the College Republican committee, Women United, released the following statement:

“This isn’t equality or fairness in thought. This is outright demonization of the entire male sex. Women have not fought for this kind of movement, we have fought for a fair say at the table. By implementing this kind of hatred and division, this professor has set women back and ultimately harmed our movement. Just as we have fought for the right to speak up for what we believe in, men should not be made to feel shunned for expressing their fair and respectful opinions in the classroom. It is a shame that Keene State College appears to embracing such hateful bigotry in the classroom.”




Editor’s note: we will be asking for the name of the professor. And remember, this is what our taxes are paying for.