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UPDATED: Trump Derangement Syndrome Hits Epping High School

trump student Ciretta MacKenzie

Yesterday, the Union Leader reported on a disturbing story out of Epping, New Hampshire where a young teen at Epping High School was forced to cover her Trump t-shirt by the principal of the school.

Why? Trump Derangement Syndrome. From the Union Leader:

High school freshman Ciretta MacKenzie didn’t think it would be a problem if she wore her President Trump T-shirt on Monday. After all, it was a day when students were encouraged to celebrate American pride by showing off their red, white and blue.

“I thought for America Day it would be OK and there wouldn’t be an issue,” said Ciretta, who turns 15 next week.

But the shirt, which said “Trump” and “Make America Great Again” across the front, resulted in her being called to the principal’s office. Ciretta said she was told by Epping High School Principal Brian Ernest that she wasn’t in trouble, but that she needed to find a different shirt.

The shirt wasn’t in violation of the school’s dress-code policy, not in the least. The shirt apparently violated the principal’s political beliefs:

She said Ernest told her that Trump is a controversial President and that he didn’t want the shirt to make anyone feel uncomfortable in school. She said he explained that the school didn’t want to make the day political.

Ciretta told Ernest that she understood, but at the same time, said Trump is still the President.

When she asked what would happen if she couldn’t find a different shirt to wear, Ciretta said she was told that she might have to be separated from the rest of the students.

The student told the UL that no students had harassed her about the shirt at all. It seems it was only the principal who had an issues with it, or maybe it was a teacher who complained? After all, we’ve seen how some teachers behave when their students *gasp* actually support President Trump:


Apparently, Epping, certainly not a left-wing bastion of lunacy like Dover or Exeter, has people working in the high school who don’t believe in diversity, the 1st Amendment or students expressing opinions that may differ from others.

In what could have been a teaching moment for the students and ESPECIALLY for the teachers, the principal chose instead, to demand this young girl be SILENCED?

Again, the students didn’t seem to take issue with another student wearing a Trump t-shirt.

Let that sink in for a moment.

When publicly-funded authority figures, who are supposed to be EDUCATING your children, the same authority figures that demand ‘INCLUSIVITY’, are instead behaving in an authoritarian manner, there’s a problem.

The problem isn’t the t-shirt or the young girl wearing the t-shirt. The problem is the people this t-shirt may *trigger,* be they students, teachers or the principal of Epping High School.

UPDATE: There is now an investigation into this incident according to the school superintendent. From the UL:

The school superintendent says she’s investigating Monday’s incident in which an Epping High School freshman claims she was told she couldn’t wear her “Make America Great Again” Trump T-shirt at school.

Valerie McKenney said Thursday that the investigation is ongoing and because it involves a school district employee it’s considered a personnel matter.

McKenney is expected to comment further once the investigation is finished.

“A response will be forthcoming from the district,” she said, adding, “These issues are sensitive to everybody and require a thoughtful investigation and response.”