Note to NH Democrats: Taxation is Not Just Theft, Taxation is also Slavery

Taxation NH Dems shake taxpayers

New Hampshire Democrats are getting uppity about the slogan taxation is theft. Do I have to wonder how they’ll react to the even greater truth that taxation is slavery?

Democrats are advocates of using State power to relieve productive individuals of their property. As much as they can imagine they will need. A need and therefore a number with no limit.

To facilitate these taking they write budgets and pass bills making the theft “legal.” Always more concerned with how they want to spend it than those who earned it.

Taxation is theft.

But taxation is also slavery.

Every demand for more money turns the productive labor of individuals and job creators into a form of indentured servitude to the State. A circumstance that knows no limit. Democrats cannot tell you how much is enough, nor would they try. Any such threshold on “need” would place (even if just transient) a limit to how much government must take, so that government may do (at their direction) and they want the government to do everything.

An institution that does everything at the expense of ‘it’s people’ is nothing more than a plantation owner taking the labor of others to advance its own priorities. It makes no difference what those priorities are, this is slavery.