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GrokTV: MicroInterview – Ciretta MacKenzie

trump student Ciretta MacKenzie

While her Mom, Rose MacKenzie, may have started the evening, I did ask Mrs. MacKenzie for permission to interview her daughter, Ciretta, over this entire incident of the Epping High School Principal Brian Earnst (who has since apologize to Ciretta, the family, and the Epping community) telling Ciretta to either change her “Make America Great Again” T-Shirt on a day celebrating America or cover it up; that permission was given.

At the end of the School Board meeting dedicated to the issue, I had the opportunity to do so.  As you can see, I took a different tack and stayed away from the actual issue in trying to find out how SHE was doing and handling this sudden international visibility (and knowing that she is still, after all, only a freshman). I found her delightful, if a bit nervous, in answering my questions:

I wish her and the MacKenzie family well going forward.

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