Dover Democrat Sherry Frost Calls Obama (and herself) a Racist - Granite Grok

Dover Democrat Sherry Frost Calls Obama (and herself) a Racist


Sherry Frost should ask one of her “bodyguards” to proof her tweets before she sends them out. Check them for clarity. But most importantly for blowback.

This recent exercise in free speech (keep them coming) got the attention of Grok friend Steve Hellwig. Frost remarks on how some basketball players can’t visit the White House. Have to wash their hair. Rearrange the sock drawer. Pursue their pro careers. Just so busy. 

Frost can’t resist but perhaps she should have.

Sherry Frost calls Obama a racist

As Steve points out, Barack Obama’s White House kept “babies in cages” (for all 8 years of his administration). He was separating families too! And he did nothing about it unless by that you mean doing more of it. He invited more illegals to come (via phone and pen) to get separated and put into cages.

But no one in his administration did anything about that. Nor did any Democrat elected to office or otherwise. The media didn’t care either.

I guess that makes them all racists, including Sherry Frost.