"Democrats: let terrorists vote" - Granite Grok

“Democrats: let terrorists vote”

So let me see if I get this straight – a law abiding citizen who has been improperly put on the “do not fly” list and now is a “suspected terrorist” gets stripped of a Constitutional Right (Second Amendment Rights for a rather (almost indeterminate) time) but the Democrats are in favor of an ACTUAL terrorist who has deliberately committed a felony and murdered American citizens but has NO Constitutional Rights touched?

Yep, this is the Democrat Party whose Boston District Attorney that will no longer prosecute “low-level criminals.” And the Dallas DA that will do the same thing for crimes valued at less than $750. Oh, and in New York, Democrats voted so that illegal aliens will get $27 Million for college tuition and Gold Star Families (who have had a family member killed on active military duty) got a tenth of that.

This is the New Democrat Party turning values upside down and inside out.  Don’t we Normals feel appreciated now? 2020 is coming.