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Deception and Treachery in Congress

Ilhan Omar

Somali-born, Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar described the 9/11 terrorist attack as an event where “some people did something” (15:00 mark in video).  She couldn’t bring herself to say “terrorism”, yet alone “Muslim Terrorism” while addressing CAIR, a Muslim lobbying group.

Talk about a severe case of cognitive dissonance.

With liberty in mind, I don’t have a problem with a Muslim member of Congress.  Or a Catholic, Jew, or Protestant.  But as soon as someone shows that they are going to taint slant every issue as a social-justice exercise in victimhood, I’m done.  The same goes for females turning everything into a #MeToo moment.  I’m done with the class division based on race, gender or whatever other victim-class they come up with.

Today, everyone on the Left plays the victim in order to inspire resistance to a manufactured, falsely-claimed injustice.  You do this sort of thing when your core issues are untenable, because they have no foundation in reality.  Or, simply, when your core issue is to flip reality in your favor with the goal of assuming perpetual control.

In another speech, Rep. Omar railed against the President’s constitutional travel ban (adding crocodile tears for good measure), which includes her “birth country” of Somalia.  She talked about how her family came here as refugees and “cried” how other Somalis cannot currently come for the free medicine, school, money and food.  Isn’t she supposed to ally herself with the country whose Congress she serves in?

Turns out Somalia is included in the travel ban because “Despite meeting criteria for sharing information, the U.S. government has identified Somalia as a haven for terrorist groups. Unstable government and issues with recognizing electronic passports were cited, among other reasons.”

Makes perfect sense to me.

While we are talking about Omar, I should probably also mention the concept of Taqiyya (3:33 in video).

And it seems the New York Post, typically a left-leaning rag, has a serious problem with her remarks: