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College Students You Never See in the Media But Should

Today, the Women’s Defense League of New Hampshire held a ‘New Shooters Shoot’ at Londonderry Fish & Game Club with New Hampshire Federation of College Republicans. The students were from several colleges across the Granite State, including SNHU, UNH, Plymouth State University, Riveria University and St. Anselm’s.

Before heading out to the range, students sat through a classroom portion where they were taught about firearms, what to expect, gun safety and had to demonstrate loading and unloading a firearm with snap caps.

The students were also given a string of pearls and a copy of the New Hampshire Constitution. 🙂

Some of the students had never shot a firearm before while others had more experience and the group even included a student who is a Veteran.

These students were absolutely AMAZING. They were smart, funny, attentive and appreciative. In fact, I hope some of them see this and share with their parents because they ALL made their parents proud today.

We are so used to seeing whiny, entitled, triggered left-wing college students who get angry over another student wearing a MAGA hat or who hate conservative free speech so much they riot that it was a breath of fresh air to work with these students.

They left an awesome impression on all of the League’s instructors and give us all hope because these students are our future.

And no, it wasn’t just because they were shooting (their support for the 2nd Amendment is the icing on the cake), it was their intelligence and demeanor. They were ALL safe on the range. They listened intently to Susan Olsen as she was teaching and again to Cheryl Dean who was the lead Range Safety Officer of the day. They listened to the instructors while they were on the range.

These New Hampshire College Republicans were not only fantastic students to work with but they give us all hope because these aren’t the students we ever see in the media.

So, the next time you see a ‘trigglypuff’ student freaking out over speech she doesn’t agree with, just remember, there ARE college students who do NOT behave that way. Clearly, their parents raised them better.

Some photos from the event are below:

You can see more photos on the Women’s Defense League’s website.