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And would it be that NH Democrats “lost” this company for the State?

The economy is booming here in NH – unemployment is low, wages are rising, and companies are expanding and local towns and cities are opening their doors (er, mostly) for new companies to set up camp. Also, this State is known for this kind of industry – good work at good wages. The kind of blue collar manufacturing that every one keeps saying we need (but Obama said were never coming back). So why not this one?

Firearms manufacturer CZ-USA chooses Little Rock for headquarters

Well, yeah, Democrats hate guns so they’d immediately work to “influence” the company by their rhetoric and actions to “move along, nothing to see here” – even with this news that would have gone along with it:

Company to invest $90M, create 565 jobs over six years

Good jobs at good wages.  All gone somewhere else – Arkansas:

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (News Release) – CZ-USA, the U.S.-based affiliate of Czech firearms manufacturer Česká zbrojovka a.s. Uherský Brod (CZUB), announced today plans to locate their North American Headquarters and build a new manufacturing facility on approximately 73 acres at the Port of Little Rock. CZ-USA plans to implement a two-phase approach with an investment of up to $90 million and create some 565 jobs over a six-year period. CZ products are considered some of the highest-quality firearms in defense, competition and sport shooting around the world.

“As CZ looked to increase our presence in North America, it engaged in a multi-state search for the ideal location,” said Bogdan Heczko, CZ-USA chairman of the board. “The Arkansas workforce, culture, business climate and industry support cleared the way for us to choose Little Rock as our new home.”

Construction will begin immediately, with initial start-up planned for March 2020. Production at the Little Rock facility will commence in two, three-year phases.

Sure, NH has become more business friendly over the last couple of years.  However, NH Dems in both the House and Senate have decided to make NH an UN-friendly business state by raising all kinds of taxes – almost $500 million in all (and I don’t think they’re done yet, either). Passing legislation that will make it harder and harder with more intrusive and more controlling regulations.

However, I DO blame both Democrats and Republicans for one of the items that make this an unfriendly place in which to do business – high energy costs. After all, how many Republicans voted for a higher gas tax a session or so ago?  And how many joined with the Democrat minority last year to override Gov. Sununu’s veto of the biomass energy bill that would have raised electricity prices higher than what they are now. The US average is 13.19 cents/KW – ours is 19.63 cents /KW (seventh highest) and Arkansas is 9.99 cents / KW.  NH government regulations and taxes are a big cause of that difference (and let’s not forget the NIMBYs and BANANAs here in state as well).  WHY would an energy intensive company want to come here???

And the Democrats are working to raise the cost of doing business here in NH even more. And yet, when one looks at the national level when taxes are lowered and useless regulations are thrown away, the US Economy roars.  This action by NH Democrats is called “bad luck“.

I guess their reasoning is just one of control – they want it and are willing to take choices (and therefore, control) away from NH citizens – and companies.  It’s almost as if they want to own the companies themselves (in addition to believing that the rest of us are too stupid to run them ourselves).  They can’t, nor create one by themselves, so using the Force of Government is the next best way to own a company by proxy.

There’s a term for that – and you AND they know exactly what that is, don’t we?

(H/T: Kark)