WDLNH ‘Hold the Line” Fifth Annual Gun Rally – WDLNH Call to Action and ProgunNH President Bob Clegg

OK, kinda a two-fer here from this past Saturday’s Women’s Defense League of NH’s Fifth Annual Gun Rally – Hold The Line.  First, Susan Olsen, in her capacity as the Legislative Director, implores the crowd and go fill in the Red Cards that will be sent to Gov. Sununu to Hold The Line and veto all of these anti-Freedom / anti-NH Constitution / anti-US Constitutional bills that the Democrats / Socialists are trying to get through the NH Legislature.  Right after her, Bob Clegg (former NH State Rep, former NH State Senator, lobbyist, and President of ProgunNH) addressed the crowd:

Red Card by Susan Olsen / Bob Clegg Part 1:

Bob Clegg Part 2:

And here is the Red Card (er, minus the red part for easier reading here on the ‘Grok):