WDLNH ‘Hold the Line” Fifth Annual Gun Rally – Susan Olsen - Granite Grok

WDLNH ‘Hold the Line” Fifth Annual Gun Rally – Susan Olsen

Susan Olsen - WDLNH HTL Rally

This past Saturday was the Women’s Defense League of NH’s Fifth Annual Gun Rally complete with a number of Conservative groups, informed speakers, a crowd that filled the State House plaza in Concord, NH – and of course, GraniteGrok! One of the sobering moments (there were two – I’ll post the other one up in a little while) was when WDLNH Legislative Director (and Grokster!) Susan Olsen read a post about what is in our “Rear View Mirror” and its relationship to history. Which, if the history of mankind is to be believed, it may repeat itself soon here in the US – short, wretched, and brutish for there are those that would return us back times when only a small handful of elites would rule and not we governing ourselves. She has a penchant for doing this and the material and its points, as I looked around at the attendees faces, was well taken.

They understand well why it was pithy and an allegory that what is sometimes “history past” becomes “future soon” and a direct and complete repudiation of those, especially on the Left, that go “well, that can/will NEVER happen here!”.  Sadly, they are wrong as history, the Rear View Mirror, sets them straight:

UPDATE: Since I forgot to put the preceding clips that set things up for this, here is the start of the Rally where Miss Susan is the Master of Ceremonies and The Patriot Pastor, Garrett Lear, comes in for the Invocation and some words on why this rally, this support for the Second Amendment, is so vital and necessary:

Part 1: Susan Olsen, the Legislative Director of the WDLNH (and Grokster!) gave the opening remarks for the rally and introduced the Patriot Pastor, Garrett Lear to give the invocation; the Black Robed Regiment pastors back in the day were not known for always being short winded).

Part 2: The Patriot Pastor, Garrett Lear continues his invocation and remarks