Who,Then, Protects You If The Police Have No Duty to Do So? - Granite Grok

Who,Then, Protects You If The Police Have No Duty to Do So?

One of the best questions you can ask a low or no-information voter who has bought into the progressive anti-gun mantra, after you point this fact out is, “who protects you if the police have no duty to do so?”

That will get you a look and a half, mouth agape.  What subterfuge is this?

Oh, you didn’t know?  Time and time again the courts have declared that ‘” government and its agents are under no general duty to provide public services, such as police protection, to any particular individual citizen.”

Law enforcement can’t be everywhere.  Law enforcement cannot protect you nor has it any obligation to do so.  It can only record, report, and then pursue criminals after a crime has been committed, if they deem it worth their time and resources.

This is not a flaw or a fault of law enforcement.   When present they may serve as a deterrent, and would want to.  Cops want to be available to protect you, and put themselves in harm’s way when called upon to do so.  But they cannot be responsible for acts committed in abstentia.  And with few exceptions, most criminals prefer to act in their absence.

These facts, when combined with the lefts obsession with disarming the populace–or handicapping their ability to defend themselves–and the fact that crime increases as citizens are systematically disarmed, begs the question; Why do Democrats want to leave you helpless knowing full well that the police cannot protect you…and have no legal obligation to do so?

You are the only one with any obligation to protect yourself or your property.  No one else is always there but you.  Only you have any ability to protect those around you, if you are so inclined.  If you have the foerthought, you will teach your family and friends to defend themselves and ensure they are able to do so, because you probably cannot always be with them.  But to do that, to continue to do it, should you choose –and you are not required to–you would need to have that right.  You would need to protect that right.

Any effort to protect that right, however, is met with vitriol and misinformation from the left.   So do they do not understand that what they deamnd may be turning you and your family into victims or do they know and just don’t care?