Democrat Corruption: Obama's DOJ Told the FBI Not to Charge Hillary Clinton - Granite Grok

Democrat Corruption: Obama’s DOJ Told the FBI Not to Charge Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton- Lady MacBeth

Going all the way back to the Tarmac meeting between Bill Clinton and AG Loretta Lynch in 2016 we knew “grandchildren” was code for, ‘You’re not prosecuting Hillary, right?’ And so it was. Testimony by Lisa Page from last summer (just released) confirms it.

“to sum this up, Lynch was clearly in the bag for Clinton from the start, so much so that even Comey could see it. Comey had multiple conversations with DOJ about charging Clinton under gross negligence but Lynch’s DOJ told him to forget about it. Then the tarmac meeting happened and Lynch promised to accept whatever the FBI recommended as if her hands were off it. But by that point, she already knew DOJ had talked the FBI out of charging Clinton. Per page, “she knows no charges will be brought.”

Dirty Bill and Hill walk away from another scandal unscathed. Shine it and put it next to Uranium One, Benghazi, the Chinese hacking her unsecured server in real-time, and that’s just her most recent stint in “public office.” We’ve also got the Haiti debacle. Green energy scams involving her brother and the Chinese. Fixing presidential primary races with the DNC and major media allies. And we’re still in this decade.

The Clintons are the most corrupt couple in American political history. This degree and frequency of malfeasance should make any American feel uncomfortable. To demand some accountability. But Democrats still worship the ground on which they walk. As if they are equally immune for their complicity.

It’s disgusting.

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