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LOCK HIM UP – Carlos Cardona Should Be Incarcerated


Only Latino? Only Latino? Seriously, Carlos? Seriously? Have you not heard of BETO O’Rourke?

Here’s a screen shot of his website, Carlos:

It’s in Spanish, Carlos. Spanish. Because Beto is a Mexican.

What’s that, Carlos? What? Beto is just a nickname? Just a nickname? Are you kidding me, Carlos? In this day and age?

That is discrimination, Carlos. D I S C R I M A N I T I O N.

What are you going to tell us next? That people with penises can’t be women? That people with vaginas can’t be men?

Don’t be ridiculous. If biology has nothing to do with whether you are a man or a woman —which we now know is indisputable science— then it follows —just as inexorably as Newton’s second law follows the first and precedes the third— that the mere fact that Beto’s ancestors came from Ireland has nothing to do with whether he is an Irishman or a Mexican. All that matters is that Beto believes he is a Mexican. Because Beto believes he is a Mexican, then he gets to be a Mexican.

Carlos you belong in a thought-prison, or I suppose a more politic way of putting it would be diversity-training. But whatever you want to call it, you need to be reeducated, Carlos, so that all those bigoted thoughts you are thinking get wiped from your brain. Apologize to Beto, Carlos, and then turn yourself in.