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John McCain Colluded With the Media and Democrats to Smear President-Elect Trump

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As another battle rages over the President’s public remarks about Sen. John McCain, the Epoch Times has a devastating Report. The Steele Dossier has long been known to be opposition research paid for by the Clinton Campaign and the DNC. How the discredited hit piece spread so far and wide is no longer a matter of speculation.

John McCain and his longtime associate David Kramer handed it out to the media like candy to children.

Kramer’s recently released deposition exposes the McCain camp as the impetus behind using Democrat dirt to undermine the newly Elected President. Things they wanted so badly to be true they did everything they could to get them into the public domain as quickly as possible.

Kramer gave copies of the dossier to BuzzFeed and as many as 14 major news outlets. John McCain dropped it in the lap of then FBI director James Comey.

McCain famously denied ever providing a copy of the dossier to BuzzFeed, telling the Daily Caller on Oct. 18, 2017: “I gave it to no one except for the director of the FBI. I don’t know why you’re digging this up now.”

Kramer, who is an affiliated senior fellow at the McCain Institute, revealed in his deposition that he had been in contact with 14 journalists and producers about the dossier.

McCain lied.

The Real Collusion

The Epoch Times reports that based on the deposition that throughout this process Kramer provided updates to Fusion GPS – the outfit paid to do the political hit as well as Christopher Steele, the former British spy paid by Fusion GPS to legitimize the details.

So, it was a coordinated effort between a sitting US Senator, Democrat oppo-research, US Intelligence (who had been illegally spying on a Republican Political campaign, and some intermediaries of high-ranking Russian officials.

Kramer traveled to London to meet with Steele on Nov. 28, 2016. Kramer reviewed all the memos during his meeting with Steele but wasn’t provided with a physical copy of the dossier.

In response to a question regarding Steele’s sources, Kramer noted that “there was a piece of paper in which the names were there.” Kramer testified that he recognized some of the names on the paper that Steele purported to be his sources’

The names were not direct Russian contacts but people represented by intermediaries. The go-betweens fed Steele “intelligence” that became the debunked dossier. 

Steele produced a final memo dated Dec. 13, 2016. According to UK court documents, Kramer, on behalf of McCain, had asked Steele to provide any further intelligence that he had gathered relating to “alleged Russian interference in the US presidential election.” Notably, it appears it was this request from McCain that led Steele to produce his Dec. 13 memo.

While Mr. Trump may not be tactful in his methods based on the Kramer Deposition alone, he has ample reason for his opinions about John McCain. The Late Arizona Senator almost single-handedly facilitated the media smear machine and special counsel investigation that wasted two years and millions of dollars to produce nothing at all related to its purpose. Prove Russia colluded with Trump to win the election.

By all accounts, John McCain did more to help the Democrats, sell the narrative while it was the Left who had been doing the colluding with ‘Russia’ via Steele, all along.