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Seeing The Global Warming Forest For the Trees

Fall Foliage In Fraconia NH
This Years Fall Foliage Should Be Spectacular!

I like to pick on Senator Jeanne Shaheen because she is a left-wing hack, particularly when it comes to Global War-ming. Today’s installment takes us back to her 2008 Senate race during which she claimed, and I quote…(long since scrubbed from her Senate campaign site…)

Reversing global warming is an economic, environmental and health imperative for New Hampshire. If we don’t act to reverse global warming, New Hampshire’s snow season is projected to shrink by almost 50 percent by mid-century, severely impacting our skiing and snowmobile industries. Increasing temperatures also will negatively impact fall foliage tourism, the hunting and fishing industries, and maple sugar production

Since Greene Shaheen spoke these prognostications, we have had years with record snowfalls, years with record maple syrup production, and as this year comes to a close–one that has already been called one of the hottest years in US history–the NH Tourism industry has some frightening news for us.

Frightening news for Jeanne Shaheen’s rhetoric, at least.

The foliage this fall is expected to be spectacular, according to Fred Borman, a forestry educator with the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension.

The Hottest year in US history. Foliage is expected to be spectacular!

And despite the Democrats none of the above energy policy and gas prices reaching toward $4.00/gallon, the NH Tourism experts still expect a high volume of leaf-peepers.

An estimated 7.9 million people are expected to visit the Granite State this fall, spending approximately $1.07 billion — slightly more than last year, Freligh said.

The moral of the story is, of course, that some years are hot, some are cold, some have good winters, some have bad, and Jeanne Shaheen suggesting that the government can somehow centrally plan weather, regardless of the reason why we’d even want to try it, is simply absurd.

What Democrats can and have done is “managed us” into an anthropogenic economic freeze (AEF), which will have a long-term affect on every aspect of NH Tourism when people no longer have the money to come here. But on the bright side, there is a very simple cure for that. Stop electing candidates who think you should try to centrally plan the weather to public office.