Great Question: Why Would People Flee Socialist Utopias to Come to the US? - Granite Grok

Great Question: Why Would People Flee Socialist Utopias to Come to the US?


The Genesius Times bills itself as ‘The Most Reliable Source for Fake News on the Planet.” Parody with a purpose, I like to call it. Like this.Millions risking lives to flee free healthcare and food for evil capitalist countries.”

Experts are befuddled as to why refugees continue to pour in from socialist paradises like Cuba and Venezuela into evil capitalist prisons like the United States.

The parody meets reality standard is strong. If free stuff like medical care or other state-run welfare programs are so great, and socialism is the best political system to deliver them, why leave?

Why leave to come to the United States -Land of Evil Capitalism?

Our socialists can’t take a breath between narratives. Evil Capitalists. Bashing the rich. Dissing free markets. Intimidating job creators. Smacking the invisible hand that feeds them.

Can anyone find a day in the life of CNN where class warfare or socialist redistribution theory didn’t rear its ugly head? Or how Republicans aid and abet this gross miscarriage of anti-social injustice?

Okay. If we suck, why the hell are people leaving socialist utopias with the clothes on their back and dragging their families here?

Are they hoping to get a better view of how a thriving example of poverty-relieving freedom gets its engine seized up by the corrosive sand of socialism?

“I know we were born into misery and poverty at the hands of political elites, but how about we go see how it happens?” 

“Let’s cross an ocean, or a desert escorted by perhaps killers or sex offenders under inhospitable conditions and (if we survive) steal someone’s identity and vote for Democrats in the US until the whole thing goes to s**t!?”

Well, maybe they do that. But I have to think some of them had other ideas. Because all the immigrants I know are legal. They love America. And they don’t vote for Democrats.

But the real problem remains. Why leave the utopia you know for any reason unless it sucks?