Congressman Dan Crenshaw - "Spending More Money Doesn’t Make You Morally Superior" - Granite Grok

Congressman Dan Crenshaw – “Spending More Money Doesn’t Make You Morally Superior”

Dan Crenshaw

Texas Republican Dan Crenshaw is a congressional bright spot in a freshman class littered with anti-semites and attention-seeking bartenders turned socialist cults of personality. Crenshaw is thoughtful, measured, and more importantly selfless.

This is a guy who lost an eye in service to his country but refuses to take money for a disability because he does not believe it is justified (near the end of the clip). He is a fully functional productive person who happens to have just one eye. The military told him he should get that money. A lot of money. He said no. So, he’s convinced there is something wrong with that system. He’s right.

He is also challenging some language and perceptions about spending and moral superiority.  It’s a short clip but good stuff.

“It’s also an interesting idea that more must always be better. That the bigger the dollar sign is that the bigger your heart is. And there’s this notion that if we want to cut back programs, and in many cases, as you’ve noticed, as you’ve noted, and we’ll get to this; what a cut really means. But just because you want to cut down on something that isn’t benefitting the American people that you are now anti-science or anti-healthcare.

That’s a moral. That is a moral accusation. That’s an accusation against our intentions. And that’s not right. “

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