Virginia is for Haters – Candidate for Delegate Agreed: “Funding Israel is Like Sending Money to the KKK”


Virginia needs an enema. Democrats in Blackface. Democrats accused of sexual assault. More Democrats in blackface. That whole “yeah, we considered passing a law to allow killing babies born alive” thing. And now this. Ibraheem Samirah is a Democrat candidate for State Delegate, and he hates Jews. Not a stretch for a Democrat but check this out.

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On August 3, 2014, Samirah added his comment to a post titled “Music Legend Brian Eno: Funding Israel is Like ‘Sending Money to the KKK.”

Samirah’s comment? “I’d say worse, but I’ll go along with Eno on this one.”

There’s a web site devoted to cataloging all the awful things this Democrat has said over the years about Israel and Jews. 

He is, of course, apologetic now that he’s running for public office.

Dr. Samirah, who was born in the U.S. but calls himself a “second-generation Palestinian refugee,” said he wrote the offending comments five years ago on Facebook, and says they were the musings of his college mind, which “I sincerely regret and apologize for.”

Seeing as he is a Democrat, the press and public are obligated to forgive him.

Virginia voters can decide on Feb. 19th, assuming they actually hear the story before he gets elected.