Virginia Democrats ‘Find God’ If It Will Keep Guns Out of Church

God guns Jesus church

The fabricated notion that there is a separation of Church and state is sacred to the left. By which they mean, the government shall forever meddle in religious business but keep your faith to your damn selves.

Catholics are being grilled and pilloried. Jews have experienced a rise in anti-Semitism. Christians who express their faith openly are subject to Leftist interrogations to serve in public offices.  If this is any indication, Muslims should consider the days of their Western ‘tolerance’ carveout numbered as well.

But down in Virginia, some Demcorats have discovered God, but only if it will let them ban guns.

Virginia’s Not for Gun Owners?

The State Senate in Virginia just approved a bill that addresses an age-old prohibition against bringing weapons to church. The old law prohibited churchgoers from carrying “any gun, pistol, bowie knife, dagger or other dangerous weapon without good and sufficient reason, into a place of worship during religious services.” The new law allows each congregation to decide for themselves. Let’s call it “choice.”

Democrats are suddenly praying for salvation.

Democratic Sen. Lionell Spruill Sr. quoted the Bible in opposing the bill.

“Psalm 46 said, ‘God is our refuge and strength,’ ” he said. “Now we are saying, with this bill, we no longer trust in God.”

Another argument?

“If there’s anywhere you can trust God, it should be the church. Let’s depend on God on this one. Let’s not take God out of church.”


Sen. J. Chapman Petersen, a Democrat, agreed. “When I walk into a house of worship, it humbles me. You need to act and be your best, and that means putting down your firearm,” he said.

Counter-arguments simply made the case that God doesn’t abandon us when choose we choose to defend ourselves. Be it on a battlefield, on a city, street, or in a Pew. And because each church is free to measure its own values on the matter, what’s the big deal?

It’s guns in public. Democrats won’t sit, kneel, or stand for that. Even if it means they have to bring God to the table.


Image: Jesus Got My Back c/o CafePress