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Trending – Leftists Making Up S**T to Smear Conservatives (Malia Obama Edition)


Nick Sandmann’s ritual pillorying by the press was a story they invented with the help of a liberal activist who is about to be sued. As are they. All because of their bias and an opportunistic rush to judgment; Trump supporters are racist. But none of it was true.

Jussie Smollett announced he was the supposed victim of a hate crime. Another rush to judgment; Trump supporters are racists. Smollett was arrested today for what amounts to fraud for staging the attack and filing a false police report.

The recent leftist outrage over Malia Obama is no different.

Liberal twitter whores and their media pimps went nuclear over a Daily Mail story about Malia Obama pictured with wine at the age of 20. The Daily Mail is not even remotely conservative, it is generally agreed the story is crap, but the narrative mill decried Conservative’s as wrongfully outraged. I’m not even sure we knew.

A rush to judgment that (this time) made Bret Kavanaugh comparisons about his drinking at a much younger age. And oh, by the way, we made him a Supreme Court Justice.

I’m not clear on what the drinking age was where he was back then, but I am clear on this. The entire Kavanaugh Circus was a Liberal rush to judgment to destroy a political opponent. A made up story on a different scale than the Covington Kids or Smollett. But borne from the same poisoned root.

As for the Malia Obama story, Conservatives didn’t give a s**t. The only reason they have to talk about it is that liberals took a story by the Daily Mail and nailed it to the door of our digital church. 

As for intolerant, unhinged, racists the evidence overwhelmingly points to Democrats on all those charges. A trend that is not new and one that will continue indefinitely until a meaningful number of their high-profile agitators has been sued blind. Some may need to be jailed. And that may not be enough.

They so badly want to silence anyone who disagrees. So that there is no one to challenge their lies when they concoct them. And concoct them they do.