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Cackling Rosie Insults New Hampshire Parents


What Rosie is really claiming is that parents who avail themselves of school-choice and send their children to private schools are destroying the futures of their own children.

Of course, Rosie would deny that’s what she’s saying, so let’s start with the predictable, “defunding public schools” argument. The program in issue involves PRIVATE scholarships. More specifically, New Hampshire’s Education Tax Credit law, which allows businesses to take tax credits for funding scholarships to private schools. So Rosie cannot argue that by “destroying the futures of children” she was talking about school-choice “defunding” public schools.

I am sure that Rosie would also argue, “I was talking about the GOP, not parents.” But all the GOP wants to do is to enable parents to have the choice where to educate their children. The GOP is not forcing anyone to send their children to private schools.

It is the parents who qualify for the scholarships, not the GOP, who are the decision-makers.

So what Rosie is saying, whether she wants to admit it or not, is that parents —or at least parents below a certain income threshold— are not smart enough to know what is best for their children … that should be left to the really smart and really virtuous people like Rosie and her fellow travelers.

And, needless to say, what Rosie and her fellow travelers think is best for children is to be taught things like capitalism bad, socialism good, … that America is an incurably racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic nation, … etc. etc. etc. To cut to the chase, Rosie and her fellow travelers want to use public education to breed the next generation of Democrat voters.

And parents who do not agree with Rosie and her fellow travelers? Well, they are just dummies who are destroying their children’s futures.