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Josiah Bartlett: The State of the State is Hot!
Grok: We Need Your Help to Keep It That Way


New Hampshire Democrats come into power with a unique opportunity. The New Hampshire economy is screaming. The Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy, quoting the State’s annual report, notes that,

“In 2018, New Hampshire was no.1 for economic opportunity (US News and World Report); child well-being (Annie E. Carsey Foundation), and, for the fourth year in a row, Politico proclaimed New Hampshire as the Best State in the Union. The state placed high in other areas, including: Best state to live in; to raise a family; quality of life; best economy; best taxpayer ROI.”

The left’s policy priorities could allow this success to continue or crash it on the shoreline and let it take on some of those rising water about which we keep hearing. Given what the left has been saying, I’d go with the latter. But they do so at their own peril.

We have record low unemployment, record high employment, and the state is taking in revenue like crazy, all with lower and fewer taxes — exactly the opposite of what New Hampshire Democrats have promised. It is much to lose.

What do we do?

Sorry. The election’s over. It’s too late to stop the Democrats from trying. But it isn’t too late to stop them from succeeding.

  • Chris Sununu says he likes being governor and is NOT looking to run for US Senate in 2020. If true, he’d like to keep the job.
  • Democrats do not have veto-proof majorities.  There are enough Republicans in both houses to stop anything Democrats ram through on a majority vote.
  • Citizen activists, voters, taxpayers, business owners, new residents and employees who are benefiting, still have a say in how this plays out. They can step up and defend the New Hampshire advantage.

And we don’t need a single Democrat’s support to do it. But we will need the Republicans. And they need to know we need to do this because our State’s long-term prosperity is at stake.

“Traditional unrestricted revenue for the General and Education Trust Funds received during fiscal year 2018 totaled $2,577.2 million which was above the fiscal year 2018 Plan of $2,443.9 million by $133.3 million, or 5.5%. The favorable results as compared to the fiscal year 2018 budget resulted, in part, from the following taxes which performed better than expected: Business Taxes by $118.8 million (17.9%); Interest and Dividends Taxes by $9.8 million (10.2%); Meals and Rooms Taxes by $1.9 million (0.6%); and Insurance Taxes by $1.4 million (1.2%). Real Estate Transfer Taxes were below the fiscal year 2018 budget by approximately $5.8 million (3.7%), as well as Tobacco Taxes below budget by $3.4 million (1.6%) and Communications Taxes below budget by $0.6 million (1.4%). The State’s other remaining revenue sources combined were approximately $11.2 million above the fiscal year 2018 budget.”

Democrats are going to try and blow all that “new” money on new programs and raise taxes to boot. Governor Sununu is going to have to veto that budget. He may need to veto a lot of things. We are going to have to make sure he does then defend him. That means challenging Democrat taxes and spending and supporting the Republican minority.

Are you up to the challenge?

Good, we’re here to help. Our audience is growing in leaps and bounds. Our voice and reach have grown. But we need to do more.

We’re looking, along with other groups, for citizens and activists willing to “shadow” their state reps. To collect their public statements, social media updates, or any local news they make. Screen grabs of remarks and comment, news clips, email responses to your queries or lack of responses. Even the Democrat presidential candidates they support. Then send it to us. 

We want to collect and archive that information by your legisaltive district and Democrat rep or RINO. If you are interested, it will require not a daily commitment but a long-term one. The next two years. All the way to the next election. But we can’t win this without you.

Email me at for details and more information. Put “I want to help save NH” in the subject. No anonymous contacts. We need to know who you are, but no one else does. We’ll keep it a secret. And include your legisaltive district. And the names of Democrat reps (our lousy Republicans you think may aid and abet the Left) on whom you’d be willing to keep tabs.

We’ll try to do it without you but we could use some backup.

| Josiah Bartlett
| NH Annual Financial Report