Fans of NH #Resistance Shouldn't Object to Concealed Carry "Here or There or Everywhere" - Granite Grok

Fans of NH #Resistance Shouldn’t Object to Concealed Carry “Here or There or Everywhere”

Concealed Carry

We spent half the day (Wednesday) discussing the Democrats move to prohibit firearms on the floor of Reps hall in Concord. No more concealed carry. A solution to a non-problem for which the obvious remedy is knee-jerk, heavy-handed, gun-grabbing, unconstitutional, partisanship.

Democrats and one “Republican” voted to disarm the entire body.

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The growing consensus to the vote is “so what.” The House chamber can make its own rules, but they can’t violate the constitution (as if that’s ever stopped either party in the past). The prudent course of action: do what many do out in the real world. Ignore the gun free zones and their silly signs.

And while the understanding of a known “gun free zone” will still be in effect in the House chamber, in practice, perhaps, not so much. Not that it probably ever was.

To quote Texas Governor Rick Perry, when asked if he still carries a gun, “That’s why they call it a concealed handgun license.” The license is still optional in New Hampshire. At least for now. But no one needs to know.

And let’s hope no one ever needs to find out. #Resistance

Concealed Carry Here and there