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PR: NH House Republican Alliance on Democrats violating the NH Constitution



January 2, 2019

CONTACT: James Spillane, HRA Tri-Chair (603) 463-5623

Concord: The House Republican Alliance released the following message in response to the partisan vote on House Rules that instituted an ban on the carry or possession of deadly weapons in the House chambers by legislators.

The three chairs of the HRA, speaking on behalf of our entire membership, must express that we are greatly disturbed by the Democrat-led initiative today to strip legislators of their natural an inalienable right to protect themselves and each other, anywhere in New Hampshire, without exception. Representative James Spillane, one of the HRA Chairs, stated:

“This action by the radical left in the NH House, and endorsed by Speaker Shurtleff, places every legislator at risk. They have created a gun-free zone and herded legislators inside to be defenseless victims should any unbalanced individual take it upon themselves to attack. Criminals do not adhere to signs and gun-free zones, and that is why 9 times in 10 gun-free zones are the chosen targets for mass shootings.”

Representative Carol McGuire saw no reason for a change at all, and stated:

“With no problems in the eight years we’ve allowed concealed carry in the chamber and gallery, this change is a foolish invitation for lawless individuals to make their stand in the State House. After all, mass shootings almost always occur in gun free zones, where law abiding people are unarmed but criminals aren’t.”

Representative Mike Harrington questioned the action, stating “Article 2-a of the NH Constitution states:

All persons have the right to keep and bear arms in defense of themselves, their families, their property and the state.

Why do the Democrats want to take that right away from State Representatives when they are going to Representatives Hall to perform the duty they were elected to do.”

Representative Mike Sylvia expressed disappointment at the message of distrust of fellow honorable legislators these actions send, stating:

“In a time where the people of the state are calling for less division in our government, and when there are a number of critical issues to address; the majority strikes out against honorable members of the house and declares that their colleagues cannot be trusted.  This action on the rules change is a slap in the face to those who stand ready, willing and able to set aside differences and get to work on the people’s business.”

The House Republican Alliance was established in 1997 and is the longest running caucus in the NH House of Representatives. Its goal is to pass legislation consistent with the US and NH Constitutions, and that represents the core values of the state Republican platform and fiscal responsibility.