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If Elected, NH Democrats PROMISE to Push Massive Gun Control

On Saturday, Democrats hosted the “Godfather of Gun Control,” Michael Bloomberg, founder of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, Moms Demand and Everytown for “Gun Safety.” Bloomberg was in the Granite State to endorse selected gun control candidates for the November elections. While Bloomberg supports all Democrats, he specifically is endorsing the following for their extreme gun control promises:

Chris Pappas, U.S. House District 1
Jan Schmidt, State House District Hillsborough 28
Sue Newman, State House District Hillsborough 29
Linda Harriott-Gathright, State House District Hillsborough 36
Robin Skudlarek, State House District Rockingham 5
Michelle Sawyer-Moge, State House District Rockingham 6
Liz McConnell, State House District Rockingham 11

While Democrats supporting gun control is nothing new, they seem even more hell bent than during past election cycles to prove that if elected, they will indeed passive massive gun control measures that will hurt all law-abiding citizens in New Hampshire.

In fact, Democrats are already pushing for gun control based on the Legislative Service Requests for the current legislature. Katherine Rogers (D-Concord), the Democrat Representative who pleaded guilty to physically assaulting an election volunteer, has once again put in her draconian gun control legislation written by a California gun control organization. Her bill has been defeated three times by the legislature because it’s that egregious but since she believes there will be a “blue wave,” she figures she’d push for it again. How bad is her gun control bill?

In reality, this is more legislation that seeks to infringe upon the fundamental human right of Granite Staters to protect themselves. The truth is these Democrats and their out-of-state gun control organizations don’t seem to care that the legislation they push actually hurts law-abiding citizens while enabling criminals. These legislators don’t seem to grasp that this gun control legislation will turn law-abiding citizens INTO criminals.

Debra Altschiller (D-Stratham), one of the more “extreme” left-wing representatives in the New Hampshire House of Representatives, has also put massive gun control into a Legislative Request known as a “Red Flag” bill. Why are Red Flag bills bad? They are nothing but gun confiscation bills that deny law-abiding citizens due process:

Everyone, gun owner or not, must stand up and oppose any form of these unconstitutional “gun confiscation” laws. We can’t allow Idaho, or our country, to be turned into a place that removes rights and/or imprisons people for crimes they haven’t committed.

These are just two of the bills that are already pending as legislation in New Hampshire. If Democrats are elected, they promise much, much more such as David Coursin, a gun control extremist candidate running in Northwood. Coursin has a 12-point-plan on how to take away the rights of all law-abiding Granite Staters. From the Concord Monitor:

 1) Stop the sale of any accessory that creates a de-facto automatic weapon.

2) Stop the sale of any semi-automatic weapon to anyone under 21.

3) Restore concealed carry permits obtained through local police departments.

4) Stop reciprocity for concealed carry permits from other states.

5) Pass state laws prohibiting open carry anywhere near public schools, hospitals and polling places.

6) Repeal state laws that stop state agencies from reporting fully and accurately to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, NICS.

7) Fund the federal and state costs of providing accurate, timely reports to the NICS.

8) Require an NICS determination and a waiting period for all gun sales, wherever they occur.

9) Ask all owners of semi-automatic guns of any kind to register them in a public registry as an act of civic pride and support for the safety of our public spaces and institutions.

10) Fund early childhood services that can identify children at risk for dangerous acting out in the future and provide preventive measures to reduce that risk.

11) Contact credit card companies and banks to encourage them to limit the use of their services for the purchase of semi-automatic weapons or accessories like bump stocks.

12) Donate to organizations working for more sensible gun ownership: the Brady Campaign, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, Everytown for Gun Safety, Giffords Law Center, March for Our Lives, Moms Demand Action, to name a few.

These opportunities are just a sampling of actions that make a difference. Pick policies to support and contact legislators regularly and persistently about implementing them. No matter which issues we pick, everyone needs to show up personally on March 24 to participate in the March for Our Lives.

Coursin explains that these are just a ‘few’ gun control measures that if elected, Democrats will push onto the law-abiding citizens of New Hampshire. Even if you aren’t a gun owner, some of these measures are beyond draconian and downright authoritarian.

If elected in New Hampshire, Democrats will repeal Constitutional Carry and once again allow state-sanctioned discrimination against law-abiding citizens. If elected in New Hampshire, Democrats will try to ban semi-automatic rifles they call “weapons of war” per Democrat gubernatorial candidate Molly Kelly:

So there’s a lot of things that we can do. We certainly don’t need weapons of war in our homes and in our communities. So that’s a stricter background checks. Lots of things that we can do. But it’s about safety. And we all have to, we all have to get together and make that happen. I’m committed to it.

Democrats have already admitted that if they are elected in New Hampshire, they will do everything in their power to destroy the 2nd Amendment Rights of all law-abiding Granite Staters.  Up and down the ballot, Democrats from Molly Kelly to Chris Pappas and New Hampshire State Legislature candidates, have promised to push massive gun control measures if elected. “Live Free or Die” doesn’t matter if people who hate freedom take control.

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