Steve Stepanek Has Clear Shot at NHGOP Chairmanship – Wayne MacDonald not Interested

Steve stepanek_launch

Acting New Hampshire Republican Party Chair Wayne MacDonald will not seek re-election. This clears a path for candidate Steve Stepanek when the party meets on January 26th. Steve announced a few weeks ago and is the only candidate still standing. 

Speculation that Mike Biundo might seek the post collapsed when he declined. NHGOP Vice-Chair Matt Mayberry was rumored to have shown interest but has also declined to challenge Stepanek.

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Who Else is Up for the Challenge?

There is still time for someone to jump in. And, Governor Sununu has not given any indication what he thinks. That might be a good position to stick with. His last candidate of choice left the office in the midst of the mid-term cycle. The State party in debt. And a lot of loose ends. MacDonald had to jump in and pick up the pieces.

I think he managed well but the circumstances were not new. The NHGOP has been a train wreck for more than a decade with Gov. Sununu’s brief tenure (the other one) being the only example of leadership without debt and disorganization.

Steve Stepanek cites these systemic ills as his motivation for stepping in. 

But new leadership means more than a new chairman. The entire Executive Board could use an enema but it is up to voting members of the state party to address much-needed house cleaning. A new Chair can only do so much. But Stepanek seems like a good start.

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