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JHo Plot To Wreck NHGOP Platform Get’s Stuffed

J-Hos rules of disorderLong story short, because you’ll get the long story soon enough, Jennifer Horn is trying to strip traditional marriage out of the Republican state party platform. (Read Carolyn’s brilliant rebuttal to that here.) But someone challenged Jho’s credentials as a delegate.

Kathy Dunton did play-by-play on her facebook page as the events unfolded.

First challenge of the day. Challenged the credentials of the former NH GOP chair, and her husband because they have moved since the last election . Let the weeping and gnashing of teeth begin.

Posted by Kathy Dunton on Saturday, May 12, 2018

After some political “theatre” the delegates stripped her credentials (which she never technically had once she moved) turning her into a former NHGOP chair and former delegate with no power to do anything before the assembled body except watch.

The Congressional Candidates got to speak and then someone moved to leave the platform as is form 2016.

Meeting adjourned before noon.

So, two great things happened in one morning. Jennifer Horn’s progressive meddling was defeated, and her along with it.

It’s not a total win. The party is still chock full of Horn minions looking to kowtow to the cultural Marxism of the politically correct left, and that’s not likely to ever end. But you have to take your victories when you can get them.