Palate Cleanser - I don't care if you are pro/con feminism but the look on this feminist's face....Heh! - Granite Grok

Palate Cleanser – I don’t care if you are pro/con feminism but the look on this feminist’s face….Heh!

First wave Feminism, second wave?  OK.  Third wave has all but turned into “women good, all men are bad” disaster.  Women are waking up to the notion that “You go girl…you can have it ALL” is both Falsehoodian and Unobtanium – just like it is for men. So while there is a lot of bad press surrounding Gavin McInness, this bit on Hannity where he confronts a feminist and “assaults” the feminist dogma is hilarious because she just can’t believe that this guy hasn’t taken that dogma hook, line, and sinker:

Gavin McInnes triggers a feminist in the funniest way possible – powered by Trending Views

Look, people should be treated equally in the workplace pursuant to them being able to pull their own weight both intellectually and physically in a given workplace. I do have problems with standards that get watered down simply because DIVERSITY. Male, female – if you can’t do the job, you should be elsewhere.

And this female is putting out the vibes that there are no difference between male and females – common sense says that isn’t true and that there are different choices made in career paths.  While there are outliers in both groups, when you look at the most dangerous jobs, for instance, women are seriously under represented like in mining, logging, or commercial fishing. They are more highly represented in education and nursing.  Why?  Mostly choices.  Studies have also shown that much of the wage gap is explained, in big part, due to women leaving the workplace, having a child (or children), and then coming back at a lower level – if they come back.  It does work in reverse – in a lot of situations, women coming out of college with a “sellable” degree often make more than their male counterparts early on (in fact, more women are earning degrees than men nowadays due to the emphasis on helping gals do better (and because of third wave feminism and feminist centers and groups, a lot of campuses are becoming toxic towards men – like here that I’ll post about later on).

McInnes does have one point that I agree with.  Militant Feminists do want women in the workplace but it seems they look down, being the SJWs they are, upon their “sisters” that make the choice to stay at home and take on that traditional role as if they were “traitors to the cause”.  Sorry, not buying that last part.  once again, choice is the quantification of Freedom – and it’s quite clear that Third Wave Feminists hate the idea that women to choose to stay and home and would rather take that choice away from them.

Yep, work so that you can pay someone to take care of your kids.  Especially on The State’s dime (which is to say, your’s and mine).

But that “triggered” horrified look in which no MAN should ever disagree with me was rather priceless – “how DARE you say that! Hannity (who has sat back and watching this with a bit of a smirk on his face as in ‘boy, did I pair these two up well’), you “man”, make that other “bad man” stop!”.  In other words, silence McInness!

Thought Police.

Political Incorrectness – it’s always good for a laugh at an SJW’s expense and I don’t care who or what the subject is.  Heh!

(H/T: Brass Pills)