Oregon Gov’s Kate Brown’s Budget Message – Time to Get the Hell Out Of the Beaver State


Governor Kate Brown’s proposed Oregon State budget looks like a progressive dream. She’s spending like a drunken sailor. Raising taxes and fees. She’s got a four million dollar line item for legal costs to fight with president Trump.

Half of that money would go into an “Oregon Defense Fund” and pay for ongoing and forthcoming lawsuits filed by the state against the federal government. The other half would pay for the defense of immigrants who are in deportation proceedings.

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What lawsuits?

The travel ban. Oregon is feeding lawyers with taxpayer money to fight a ban that Mr. Obama executed without a peep from the likes of Brown.

Sanctuary policies. The Beaver state (and others) sued when the Trump Administration announced it would withhold federal funds for states and cities that violated the law.

Census. The Trump Administration proposed asking for citizenship status on the US census. Oregon and others sued.

DACA. Mr. Trump’s effort to end an abused open borders program linked to both rapid increases in opioid addictions and deaths in the US and the growth of the gangs that help distribute it rubbed Oregon the wrong way. They sued.

ObamaCare. President Trump’s effort to get the Feds out of the health care business was a no-go for Brown and company. They sued.

There may be others, and the anticipation is there will. The four million in taxpayer dollars is a set aside to make sure the state can give other people’s money to lawyers – most of whom are Democrats – to fight for non-citizens, law-breakers, drug traffickers, and limiting travel (until we have adequate enhanced vetting procedures) to protect Americans from individuals who have promised to kill us.

To Democrats, these things all seem like essential fights worthy of the expense of other people’s money.

What’s worse is New Hampshire is now almost entirely run by people who think the same things as Oregon Governor Kate Brown. And while Republican majorities were reluctant to push their priorities too quickly (or at all), Democrats do not suffer from that same malady.

They will push them all and push them hard.

Prepare your Liberties. Progressive Winter is coming.

H/T OPB.org, SalemReporter.com